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Watertown Pick-Up/Contractor’s Desk Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30 – 4:30

Saturday: 9-1

Sunday: Closed


Watertown Showroom Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9-5

Saturday: 9-1* (open for walk-ins only)

*Summer Hours July 9th – Aug 27th

Sunday: Closed


Ceramic tile has been used for thousands of years. It is the ideal choice for homeowners who want a maintenance-free surface. “Creta,” the Italian word for clay, is baked at extremely high temperatures, creating a durable and waterproof tile. Ceramic tiles can vary in surface glazes, texture and strength. Surface glazes are often rich in tone and colors. Note that not all ceramics can be used on the floor – ask your Roma Tile specialist for guidance.

Vita Collection Blue 8"x8"
Inspire Collection Bardiglio & Statuario 16"x16"
Winchester Artisan Orford with Hampstead & Beaulieu Moulding
Winchester Residence Mint
Winchester Artisan Sudbury with Hampton Moulding
Winchester Residence Hibiscus
Winchester Residence Deco Tayberry
Winchester Residence Chalk
Winchester Residence Manior Mint Patchwork
Winchester Elements Rockpool
Winchester Residence Cornflower
Winchester Residence Mere
Winchester Lemon with Estuary field
Winchester Residence Porcelain Crackle
Winchester Classic Sage
Winchester Classic Lime Green
Winchester Classic Delft
Inspire Statuario Beveled
Boston Lavagna 3"x12"
Abita Moda Mix
Inspire Statuario 1"x1"
Roma Statuario Filo 10"x30"
Milano Beige 12"x22"
Sketches Collection Mixed 4"x8"
Vita Sole Mix Deco 8"x8"
Sketches Vert. 4"x8"
Milano Origami Cielo
Milano Blue 12"x22"
Winchester Residence Bastille
Winchester Residence Bastille
Mosaics Basketweave
Mosaics Basketweave
Abita Rettangolo Verde
Abita Rettangolo Verde
Light Plain Verde
Light Plain Verde
New Yorker Smoke
New Yorker Smoke
Winchester Residence Riojia
Winchester Residence Riojia
Winchester Classic Celadon
Winchester Classic Celadon